(Ins)pira Intercâmbio

O retorno (II): If I ever live this life again…

If I ever live this life again…

(Aeroporto de Paris. 06/02/2014: a data do retorno!)

I would go somewhere alone and explore the unknown. I would start a conversation with strangers; I would arrive alone and come back with so many others, even though, many of them, not physically;
I would come back to the first days in which you taught me everything about how to live in your Country; You took all my confusion without any complaints;
I would laugh as much as I can, over and over again…I would cry of happiness for many times;
I would feel out of space and time. I would feel like dreaming and floating;
I would make you know how important you are without the need to buy you anything;
I would see, try and risk as time is knocking on my mind’s door;
I would listen and learn: from each person, from each place; I would accept the difference and be open minded for the new;
I would find myself, love myself, be true to myself. I would show my affection towards others as never before;
I would be greatfull for those who made this true. I would be able to offer the greatest love I feel. I would finally understand that life is about sharing: moments, feelings, love!
I would dare to trust. I would once again see how people can be kind. I would start believing…
I would feel happiness in a way I never had before. With mind and body shouting of blast. I would find the lightness of being;
I would start having new perspectives. I would learn how to listen rather than talking;
I would freeze some moments and make them everlasting. But just in my mind.
I would learn to respect time. I would understand that life has seasons which shall pass.
I would finally move on. Because, as once a friend wiselly said “we shall leave. Otherwise, we will not live moments like these again.
It’s time to go!

Aeroporto de Zagreb

um comentário

  1. Que saibamos sempre a hora de partir e tirar o time de campo, para que uma nova partida se abra. Antes que esse jogo vire quebra-quebra 😉

    Para que os bons momentos não se tornem médios momentos e nem ruins momentos, que eles sejam pra sempre bons momentos!

    ❤ Lindo texto!

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