Memories of an Adventurer

li e carmen

I can not clearly remember the exact moment in which we have met…

But I can clearly remember the moment I knew I was going to miss you!

The moment of this picture.

We were, once again, walking around…

Our time was clocking:

Tic Tac, Tic Tac…

It was a really calm and silent day.

Somehow, nature also knew.

Not much to say.

A lot to feel.

Somehow, today, you pop-up on my mind.

All of our trips, our lazy days and your silly way of forcing me to not be SO lazy have deeply touched my heart!

How silly am I being?

From “lazy- ice-cream-sunny Thursdays”, in which we should be studying.

Passing through “crazy-stop-Carmen” Rides By Bike by Jarun.

Coming to Trips to “wherever-life-takes-us”; without forgetting that “Life is All About Changing Plans”!

Bringing up how bad you are on taking pictures. Reminding how good you are on saying: moments are for living!

Finishing with a great Christimas’ Eve, in which I have met your amazing “caring-is-sharing” Family.

The conclusion is pretty simple:

I have really learnt with you!

And I still do!

“We are so bad on kepping on touch..”

Once, you said me!

“We are so good on being friends!”

Now, I tell you!

Even after a while, I am still able to listen and see you in front of me, with all your happiness and kindness, when reading a WhatsApp’s message!

Time is passing…

We shall never pass!

I can not wait to walk with you again…


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